A space dedicated to local textile creation.

The Silk Museum has chosen to work only with localcraftsmen..
The items presented in the shop are all made in France, most of them are unique pieces made by hand.
Each craftsman has a space allowing him to highlight his know-how and to exhibit his creations.
you will find below the contact details of the partners of the boutique.

Angélique Zrak, weaving.
Atelier Louche, hats.
Bobinamyrabelle, textile creation.
Brochier Soieries, Lyon silk.
Catherine Clouet, silk painting.
Chouchane, textile creation.
Cyril Bresset, tailor.
C²Nous, textile screen printing
Dame Cécile, textile creation.
Dani Michels, textile recycling.
Dominique Fave, boutis.
La Madelaine, ecoprint.
Marie-Thérèse Bonniol, lace.
Métier d’Art, weaving.
Meltisse, natural fibers , vegetable dye.
Mohair de la Pastourelle, wool and mohair making.
Sophie Guyot, silks.
Sylvie Gilhodez, silk painting.
Zoïd, organza jewelry.

The know-how of the Cévennes hosiery.

Three local companies are also partners of the shop. They perpetuate the traditional techniques of manufacturing underwear, stockings and tights.
Les Soieries des Cévennes, 100% silk lingerie. One of the last workshops that continues to weave silk products in mesh. 
L’Arsoie Cervin, cashmere, wool and silk knit - stockings and tights. categorized Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ( Living Patrimony Enterprise.).
Sotexmi Clio, stockings and tights. Cevennes family factory since 1878.

You will also find in the boutique, cocoons, garnished heather, mulberry marmalade, souvenir guides for children and adults…